Decluttering by enjoying the pretty things

I tend to be the kind of person that likes to keep the best bit of my meal for the end. So never snatch food out of my plate without permission. The method has its risk, as I might not be that hungry any more when I get to the cherry of my cake, but why keep eating if the best bit is already gone? However, what might be a nice way to enjoy a meal might not be the best strategy for life. If nothing else because ‘the end’ is more difficult to place in time than for a meal.


When it comes to consumables, I tend to put pretty things in my shelves and only look at them from time to time, but never seem to use them or at least not completely finish them, because I don’t like the idea of it being gone. Once I started to think about this, I noticed I do this for  food, stationary, cosmetics, candles and more. This inevitably leads to accumulation. And while the pretty things lie around unused, I need to buy less pretty, functional versions of those things. Once put like this it sounds a bit silly right? Why not use the best things straight away and get another pretty thing to replace it if needed once it is over?


So here was my good resolution for the summer holidays: I won’t keep the best for the end any more. Because I needed to pack light, I decided to finally use this cute notepad my mum gave me many birthdays ago. I also got my mum to bring me my ‘collection’ of hotel soaps and cosmetics samples. Of course it was already decided not to add anything new to it, but now it is time to use it all before they need to go to the bin anyway. And my parents were quite happy of the space it freed in their bathroom. This is just a start, but from now on I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for this lousy habit.


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