Zero waste resources

Zero Waste Blogger Network (ZWBN)


As you probably guessed from the name, the ZWBN is a group of zero waste blogger that help each other carrying the zero waste message further. If you are starting the zero waste adventure, you can look on the map if there is a blogger next to you. They might have tips specific to your neighbourhood, your city or your country. They also wrote an ebook that give zero waste tips and address in 32 cities. Check if yours is in the list or get it for your travels!

Zero Waste Facebook Groups

Going Zero Waste can be overwhelming and you might want to ask more experienced zero waster for advice. Feel free to ask questions on the page of this blog, but you can also look for a local group and join the Zero Waste Heroes! group that has members from all around the world.

Bulk Shop Finders

Reducing groceries waste is easier when you have a good bulk shop around. If you don’t know you can look on this map or this one if you are looking for Spain. You can also add the bulk stores you know if they are not already in there.

Blogs I Like

There are many blogs on the topic to find new ideas on how to live a more meaningful, sustainable life. Here are a few I particularly like:

  • The Zero-Waste Chef – focussed on cooking, tips to reduce waste in the kitchen and recipes to make things from scratch. I especially love this post.
  • the beauty in simple – everything is in the title: simple and beautiful.
  • Going zero waste – practical tips to address the different aspects of zero waste.
  • [fr] La famille zéro déchet – written with a lot of humour and nice illustrations.
  • the minimalistes – how to get over consumerism to live a more mining full life, because it is hard to be a fulfilled zero waster without becoming a bit of a minimalist.